Application Checking Service

Application-checking-serviceApplication checking services consultation is where we will review your application you have prepared in full and check that all your documents are acceptable, present and correct. We can also address any concerns or queries you may have. . After we have checked your application, , you will be issued a report detailing strengths and weaknesses in your application and also detail documents you may wish to obtain further before you submit your application. .

Application checking services

The fee for this service is only at £ 350.00 + VAT (£ 420.00 GBP) And includes:

  • Guidance on the application you are about to make. .
  • A comprehensive documents request list
  • Digital copies of forms to complete. .
  • A consultation regarding your application .
  • Application form(s) checking .
  • A detailed report on your application. .

An application cover letter can be provided for an additional cost. . To maximise this service, please complete the various free initial immigration enquiry on our website so as our advisors have a complete and clear idea on your current situation or you can provide less information by completing our free immigration assessment form..

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